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Abstand — Club — Friedrichshain

The Abstand includes the club rooms of the Haufen e.V.

Concerts and parties.


Sat, Mar 02 9:00 PM Konzert

Fri, Mar 08 9:00 PM Nein, wir nennen es nicht Abschiedskonzert

Baiz — Kultur- und Schankwirtschaft — Prenzlauer Berg

We have been running the BAIZ culture & pub for almost 20 years and try to combine our cultural/political offerings with affordable prices in a pleasant atmosphere.


Thu, Feb 29 8:00 PM Konzert: Eli Sánchez & The Olde White Men

Sun, Mar 03 4:00 PM Nähen und Schleifen

Sun, Mar 03 7:00 PM Reformbühne Heim und Welt

Mon, Mar 04 6:30 PM Offene Mietenberatung

Wed, Mar 06 7:30 PM Kickerturnier

Thu, Mar 07 7:00 PM Zur Alchemie des Punk.

Sat, Mar 09 5:00 PM Flamenco es diferente

Sat, Mar 09 7:30 PM Straße der Besten - Pubquiz

Sun, Mar 10 4:00 PM Roda de Choro

Sun, Mar 10 7:00 PM Reformbühne Heim und Welt

Café Cralle — Bar und Wohnzimmer in kollektiver Selbstverwaltung — Wedding

Bar and living room in collective self-management.

In 1977, Café Cralle was founded by a women-collective, based on the women’s movement at that time. Today, the collective is not just open to women, but as well to all FLINTA* identities. (FLINTA=german for Frauen (women), Lesben (Lesbians), Inter-, Non-Binary-, Trans-, Agender-People).


Thu, Mar 07 8:00 PM Hände weg vom Wedding Solitresen

Thu, Mar 21 7:00 PM Queerer Kneipenabend

Wed, Mar 27 8:00 PM FLINTA-Stammtisch

Thu, Apr 04 8:00 PM Hände weg vom Wedding Solitresen

Thu, Apr 18 7:00 PM Queerer Kneipenabend

Wed, Apr 24 8:00 PM FLINTA-Stammtisch

Thu, May 02 8:00 PM Hände weg vom Wedding Solitresen

Thu, May 16 7:00 PM Queerer Kneipenabend

Wed, May 29 8:00 PM FLINTA-Stammtisch

Thu, Jun 06 8:00 PM Hände weg vom Wedding Solitresen

Clash — Music and Food — Kreuzberg

Since 2004.


Sat, Mar 09 9:00 PM KONZERT

f.a.q. — Antisexistischer Infoladen — Neukölln

The f.a.q - infoladen has been operating in Berlin-Neukölln since October 2009.

f.a.q. - that stands for
- f for feminist,
- a for anti-sexist and
- q for queer.

The faq infoladen is a self-managed structural project. This means that we provide spaces and infrastructure for feminist radical left-wing politics. We thus create a non-commercial space for feminist struggles and debates. It is important to us to link different political focuses and fields of action and to network beyond "political scenes".


Sat, Mar 02 7:00 PM Queerhimmel 3000

KvU (Kirche von Unten) — Offenes Projekt — Prenzlauer Berg

Das Unten des Namens ist Programm, die Kirche Tradition. Und, kleine Orthographiekunde für Uneingeweihte: Der Großbuchstabe ist gewollt, ebenso wie der der Offenen Arbeit der DDR, in der die KvU ihre Wurzeln hat.


Fri, Mar 01 6:00 PM Jugend Antifa Soliparty

Lauschangriff — Bar Galerie Club — Friedrichshain



Fri, Mar 08 8:00 PM - Sat, Mar 09 3:00 AM Roots‘n‘Unity

Thu, Mar 14 8:00 PM Thursday Breakdown

Lichtblick — Kino — Prenzlauer Berg

The Lichtblick-Kino is an independent arthouse cinema in Prenzlauer Berg. In addition to current arthouse films, our program offers many classics and regular retrospectives. We also give a lot of space to documentaries and short films as well as politically committed productions. Weekend afternoons are dedicated to children's movies.

The Lichtblick-Kino is run collectively. Founded in 1994 as "Stattkino Berlin e.V.", the collective initially organized film series on political topics. In 1995, the Lichtblick-Kino was opened as a permanent venue in Wolliner Straße. Since 1998, it has had its home in the Kastanienallee 77 building project.

However, the Lichtblick has always been more than just a cinema: it is also a breeding ground for many projects and initiatives in Berlin's cinema landscape. Many former and current participants are now active in the cinema industry, as distributors, cinema operators or filmmakers.


Tue, Mar 05 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM Schleimkeim: Otze und die DDR von unten

Lunte — Stadtteil- und Infoladen — Neukölln

Stadtteil- und Infoladen


Thu, Feb 29 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Vokü

Fri, Mar 01 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Vokü

Thu, Mar 07 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Vokü

Fri, Mar 08 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Vokü

Thu, Mar 14 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Vokü

Fri, Mar 15 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Vokü

Thu, Mar 21 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Vokü

Fri, Mar 22 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Vokü

Thu, Mar 28 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Vokü

Fri, Mar 29 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Vokü

New Yorck 59 — Space for many projects — Kreuzberg

House project and space for many, many groups.

We are part of the "Initiative Zukunft Bethanien" (IZB), which is organizing the citizens' petition against the privatization of Bethanien and for an open cultural, political and social center from below.

As NewYorck59, we see the future of Bethanien in an open, self-organized meeting place for people from the neighbourhood, with affordable spaces for initiatives and groups and a lively culture of exchange and self-determination.

History: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yorck59

NFJ Laden (Naturfreundejugend) — Linker Jugendverband — Neukölln

We are a non-partisan, left-wing youth association in which young people engage in self-organized politics that are critical of domination. We deal with topics such as nationalism, racism, sexism, capitalism and anti-Semitism and organize seminars, events, campaigns and trips on these topics.

The Naturfreunde Jugend has its origins in the workers' movement at the beginning of the 20th century. "Giving working people from gray cities access to nature" was the goal of the Naturfreunde over 100 years ago. They combined emancipated leisure activities with socio-political demands for better living and working conditions.


Sat, Mar 09 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM Kleidertauschparty!

Regenbogenfabrik Block 109 e.V. — Kinder-, Kultur- und Nachbarschaftszentrum — Kreuzberg

The Rainbow Factory is a children's, cultural and neighborhood center in Berlin-Kreuzberg.
Occupied in 1981, we still see ourselves as part of the housing and tenant movement and are committed to building and maintaining self-governing, collective and emancipatory structures from below.

As a collective, we work without bosses and make decisions collaboratively and democratically based on the consensus principle. Solidarity and cooperation form the basis of our joint work. For the Rainbow Factory, every work is worth the same, so every work is paid equally.

The Rainbow Factory was declared a monument in 1998.

Rote Insel — party space — Schöneberg

No cops, no nazis, no racists, no sexists, no trans-/homophobes.

trying to become a safer / braver space

Schokoladen — Selbstverwaltetes Kunst- und Kulturprojekt — Mitte

Schokoladen e.V. is one of the last oasis in a district that is characterized by increasingly commercial structures. Artists and small producers have set up and maintained a self-managed art and culture project in the premises they rent.

The structure of the building still reflects the initial idea of the founders: the combination of art and life.


Thu, Feb 29 7:00 PM Konzert

Fri, Mar 01 7:00 PM Konzert

Sat, Mar 02 7:00 PM Konzert

Sun, Mar 03 7:00 PM Party

Mon, Mar 04 7:00 PM Konzert

Tue, Mar 05 7:00 PM Lesung

Wed, Mar 06 7:00 PM Konzert

Thu, Mar 07 7:00 PM Konzert

Fri, Mar 08 7:00 PM Konzert

Sat, Mar 09 7:00 PM Konzert

Schwarze Risse (im Mehringhof) — Bookshop collective — Kreuzberg

The bookstore Schwarze Risse is a self-managed collective and has been located in Mehringhof since 1980. The bookstore sees itself as part of a left-wing public sphere and infrastructure in the city.

Subversiv — Kneipe und Konzerte — Mitte

The Subversiv is part of the left-wing house project at Brunnenstraße 7 in Berlin-Mitte. Here, around 80 people from a wide range of backgrounds live together collectively in various housing groups. The project emerged from a squat in 1990. In the meantime, living here has been legalized, and the owner has been renovating the building from the ground up for several years. In addition to Subversiv, Brunnenstraße is also home to the Infoladen Stattmitte.


Sat, Mar 23 8:00 PM Soligig & Party for No Border Medics


Supamolly — Pub and concerts, café and cake — Friedrichshain

Event collective. Cultural association. Cabaret theater.


Fri, Mar 01 9:30 PM Konzert

Sat, Mar 02 9:30 PM Konzert

Fri, Mar 08 9:30 PM Konzert

Sat, Mar 09 9:30 PM Konzert

Fri, Mar 15 9:30 PM Konzert

Sat, Mar 16 9:30 PM Konzert

Fri, Mar 22 9:30 PM Konzert

Sat, Mar 23 9:30 PM Konzert

Fri, Mar 29 9:30 PM Konzert

Sun, Mar 31 3:30 PM Kaffee & Kuchen

Syndikat — collective pub — Neukölln

The Syndikat collective pub was founded in 1985, by local residents. It has operated as a collective ever since. The collectivists changed, but the idea and the pub remained as they were. From the very beginning, it was all about self-determined living and working. The pub is an open space for all emancipatory people, whether from Neukölln or elsewhere. Nazis, racists, sexists and the like were and are not tolerated.


Wed, Apr 24 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM Fahrrad Demo& Kundgebung an Mumias 70. Geburtstag

Systemfehler — Gift store and event location — Friedrichshain

The operators see the "Systemfehler" as a political project that is intended to be a platform for solidarity economy and offers space for events from politics, art & culture, e.g. reading circles, language courses, information events, art actions, ...


Sat, Mar 02 1:00 PM Spielecafé

Sat, Apr 06 1:00 PM Spielecafé

Sat, May 04 1:00 PM Spielecafé

Sat, Jun 01 1:00 PM Spielecafé

Sat, Jul 06 1:00 PM Spielecafé

Sat, Aug 03 1:00 PM Spielecafé

Sat, Sep 07 1:00 PM Spielecafé

Sat, Oct 05 1:00 PM Spielecafé

Sat, Nov 02 1:00 PM Spielecafé

Sat, Dec 07 1:00 PM Spielecafé

Tristeza — collectively organized café and bar — Neukölln

We consider „collectively organized“ as a way to create our daily work – daily cleaning, preparing the ‚Hermelin’, doing night shifts – as equal among the members as possible. By deciding every issue on consensus, we aim to establish a different life beyond common forms of work.
Moreover we want to facilitate that idea among our guests and create a space where you can feel well without any kind of discrimination. We don`t accept racist, antisemitic, sexist or homophobic slogans or treatments. To make a move on someone who doesn`t agree is taboo: No means no! If anything attracts your attention or if you are concerned yourself: contact the barkeepers, who will support you!
We consider ourselves as part of a leftist, unparliamentary infrastructure and donate our tip to emancipatory projects.

Vetomat — Bar, Café und Siebdruckwerkstatt — Friedrichshain

The Vétomat is our extended living room with an attached screen printing workshop, rooted in the heart of Friedrichshain since 2006. It is an alternative free space for art and culture creators looking for a place for self-realization and participation beyond commercial business.


Fri, Feb 23 7:00 PM - Fri, Mar 22 11:00 PM DIY for LIBERATION

Fri, Mar 08 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM Freitags Variete - Klein aber fein

Zielona Gora — Bar/Café — Friedrichshain

Part of the house project Grünberger 73.


Thu, Feb 29 6:00 PM Politisches Café

Thu, Feb 29 7:30 PM Politisches Café

Fri, Mar 01 7:00 PM I.A-A.F. Soli Event

Tue, Mar 05 7:00 PM FLINTA*-Abend

Thu, Mar 07 6:00 PM Politisches Café

Sat, Mar 09 7:00 PM Wir wollen uns lebend - We want us alive

Tue, Mar 12 7:00 PM Dienstagsvokü

Thu, Mar 14 6:00 PM Politisches Café

Fri, Mar 15 8:00 PM Todx persx es politicx

Tue, Mar 19 7:30 PM Queercoustic Hangout